Friday, 28 July 2017

Notting Hill

Whether you've watched the movie, know it because of The Beatles or simply heard of Notting Hill before but never actually visited, this post is for you! It also happens to be one of my favorite places in London so I thought it deserved a post too, plus it's might as well be a proper excuse to put these beautiful flowers on my blog, haha! 

Notting Hill is one of the most artsy, alternative, and beautiful neighbourhoods you'll find, and that also means it's always packed and full of tourists, especially in August which is when Carnival happens. The famous Portobello Market is one of the best in London and filled with treasures from jewellery to art to antiques. There's literally so much to see and you'll probably be able to find any thing there. Needless to say but, you'll have a hard time moving around so be prepared! The food & many cafes that surround the area aren't any less than amazing, you can go from cute pastries to fancy dishes in minutes. I also love that everything is from walking distance, and the cobblestone streets and victorian style houses steal my heart away. It's the perfect place for photographing too, but you have to find some quiet roads if you're after fashion pics. 

I definitely feel like I'm in my own romatic comedy whenever I'm wondering around, and I can't help but wish that some day I'll have my own little house there.


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  2. Notting hill looks so pretty (and v instagramable). It's on my travel list, I can imagine I'd take loads of photos around there xx

    1. It's lovely, hope you have an amazing time when you visit! And definitely go to Farm Girl Cafe (I'll actually have a post about it soon) xx

  3. Notting Hill does look gorgeous!! I've seen a lot of pictures of places throughout Europe and it's making me want to go! Hope you'll find the time and opportunity to visit all sorts of places out there :).

  4. These photos are fantastic! It looks like a cute place that I would like to visit.

  5. St. Lukes Mew! Indeed one of the cutest part in London! But I have to agree that Notting Hill is one of the most beautiful neighborhood in the city, there's always something beautiful hidden every time I wander around!
    Love the tone of your shots x

  6. Absolutely gorgeous. I've always wanted to visit Notting Hill, this and Portobello Market will be on my list for whenever I get to visit London in the future (I can only dream to!)
    I am SO in awe with your content and photos! You have a stunning blog! I'd love if we can follow each other on Bloglovin? Do let me know <3
    Have a nice week!

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

  7. These pictures are incredible! I've been to London before, YEARS ago but I never went to Notting Hill. I am trying to convince the hubby to do a Europe trip next year and London is obviously on the cards so I can re-experience London as an adult and do what I want to do rather than following the family. Notting Hill is on the list while I'm there too <3 Thank you for sharing this amazing little town.

    Michaela |

  8. your photos are beautiful! i've been to notting hill once, loved it :)