Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Urban Farmacy

Two weeks ago I met up with some of the loveliest friends as a good-bye lunch since I'm leaving Brazil and heading back home to London (but by the time you guys are reading this I'm already getting settled in). We went to a beautiful plant-based slash vegan restaurant called Urban Farmacy. The menu was to die-for and I seriously took about 5 minutes just to choose a dish. I ended up getting the Mediterranean which is black rice, avocado and almond puree with lots of toppings and seeds. It was truly amazing and the flavour of it all was so so delicious. It was completely organic and fresh and I seriously left in utter bliss (and wanting an extra serving to take home haha). 


  1. yumm!! Looks so good, hope you had an amazing time in Brazil :)

    - Christopher

  2. Thank you Christopher! It was lovely indeed xx