Saturday, 10 June 2017

Advice: Confidence

There comes a certain age or time when you suddenly become aware of the social pressure put upon women to act, dress, or look a certain way. In my opinion, the harshest pressure is the one that revolves around the beauty sphere so that's what I wanted to write about in this little advice section. Beauty standards are something that's constantly revolving, and in most honesty, it's not something that applies to every single person. We all have a unique perception and different likings. So, you'll have to agree with me, it makes no sense in changing who you are to please anyone or especially a minor percentage of society.

But of course, confidence isn't something that just comes out of the blue. It's a consequence of self-happiness and appreciation. It's a product of investing in yourself. Confidence is a feeling, and like all feelings, it is provoked by something. So it's a game of trial and error, and the goal is to discover yourself. Dedicate some time to try out new things, a different style, the cousine you've always been curious about, a fun sport, a new makeup look, basically whatever triggers your imagination. Pursue your old passions too - for they are also a part of you. If you like dancing, do dance classes, if reading's your thing, join a bookclub. Go after what you like and make new friends along the way. You'll discover new parts of you and your confidence will build naturally and eventually.

A few other things that are helpful is to think positive, blast on happy music, exercise, face a fear you have, and meditate. It's a consistent and time-taking process overall, but if there's one thing I can assure you it's this: know who you are and know where you stand, and the world is yours.


  1. Great post! couldn't agree with you more. Too many social pressures.