Thursday, 29 June 2017

Daniel Wellington x christiescx

When an owl knocks on your window to bring you post what do you do?! Obviously rush to get it, right?! Although that doesn't really happen (incredibly sad, I know) it was pretty much the same feeling when the most beautiful watch from Daniel Wellington arrived.

Daniel Wellington is a Swedish brand incredibly known for making exceptional, time-less, and versatile pieces, especially watches. I couldn't disagree one bit, and you guys knowing that I love classic pieces, can guess that it was love at first sight. 

The watch is astonishingly beautiful and has a very elegant and minimalistic design. I honestly haven't been able to take it off my wrist and I probably won't any time soon (oops!). I love that it also complements any outfit and pulls it altogether. Made with genuine leather, ultra-thin case, and water resistant, its truly the best quality. And worthy of true love from me for sure. 

Shop watch // Use code CHRISTIESCX for 15% off

Daniel Wellington store // Instagram

Photographed by Mary Sullivan.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Plaid for Days

Okay, I know this outfit is very autumn-ish but I couldn't resist. Last week there was a such a chilly day and I had to go all out on it since its the only one I'll get for the next few months. If you couldn't tell, I'm much more of a Winter girl than Summer, but sunny weather has it's perks too so, oh well! 

But now about the outfit, I'm completely obsessed with this vintage plaid jacket that if I could, I'd wear it with everything. Literally. And as you can see, it's basically the highlight of the outfit, along with the mules that finish off the look with an effortlessly chic touch. It's definitely one of my go-to outfits for any season (well, um, except summer but you get what I mean), truly so comfortable, classic and slightly sophisticated but still cool. 

Vintage Jacket (similar here - couldn't find any others) 
H&M knit jumper
Asos white t-shirt
Asos zip jeans 
Mules (faux leather option here)

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Indie and Harper

It's been incredibly hot these last days here in London, so it's been the perfect time to break out my loose tops and shorts from hiding in my wardrobe. Just like summer clothes, it's been perfect to take advantage of beautiful accessories, exactly like the ones from Indie and Harper

Chokers have been a huge trend so far, and one I love, so I couldn't resist but fall in love with the seashell one that also constantly reminds me of dreamy beaches (which equals infinite love). The white opal ring is one of those pieces that are charming and delicate, and that seem to hold a little mystery inside and I absolutely love that. Both items are very versatile and go with almost any outfit, but obviously look amazing with something a little more bohemian. 

Shop choker // ring

Indie and Harper store // Instagram

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Urban Farmacy

Two weeks ago I met up with some of the loveliest friends as a good-bye lunch since I'm leaving Brazil and heading back home to London (but by the time you guys are reading this I'm already getting settled in). We went to a beautiful plant-based slash vegan restaurant called Urban Farmacy. The menu was to die-for and I seriously took about 5 minutes just to choose a dish. I ended up getting the Mediterranean which is black rice, avocado and almond puree with lots of toppings and seeds. It was truly amazing and the flavour of it all was so so delicious. It was completely organic and fresh and I seriously left in utter bliss (and wanting an extra serving to take home haha). 

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Advice: Confidence

There comes a certain age or time when you suddenly become aware of the social pressure put upon women to act, dress, or look a certain way. In my opinion, the harshest pressure is the one that revolves around the beauty sphere so that's what I wanted to write about in this little advice section. Beauty standards are something that's constantly revolving, and in most honesty, it's not something that applies to every single person. We all have a unique perception and different likings. So, you'll have to agree with me, it makes no sense in changing who you are to please anyone or especially a minor percentage of society.

But of course, confidence isn't something that just comes out of the blue. It's a consequence of self-happiness and appreciation. It's a product of investing in yourself. Confidence is a feeling, and like all feelings, it is provoked by something. So it's a game of trial and error, and the goal is to discover yourself. Dedicate some time to try out new things, a different style, the cousine you've always been curious about, a fun sport, a new makeup look, basically whatever triggers your imagination. Pursue your old passions too - for they are also a part of you. If you like dancing, do dance classes, if reading's your thing, join a bookclub. Go after what you like and make new friends along the way. You'll discover new parts of you and your confidence will build naturally and eventually.

A few other things that are helpful is to think positive, blast on happy music, exercise, face a fear you have, and meditate. It's a consistent and time-taking process overall, but if there's one thing I can assure you it's this: know who you are and know where you stand, and the world is yours.