Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Cold Coffee

Since I've gotten more into writing these last months I felt the need to have a space where I could scribble all my notes and things I want to remember down. But I didn't want just a random notepad or a few corners of my already too used notebook. I wanted something unique and slightly antique, something that looked like there was a little magic inside. I started searching and when I stumbled upon this one, I knew it was the one.

The vintage, late eighteenth-century look with the wrap-around key is perfect. The pages have that brownish earth tone like the color of spilled coffee and the cover is made of faux leather, my happiness is complete. I'm going to dedicate the first half of the journal to write down my notes, dream experiences, and plans and the other half will be for poetry. I was actually thinking about buying an ink pen to go with it but since I'm a little clumsy I would probably tilt the ink all over the pages and it also wouldn't be very practical to take around. 

On the first page I typed out a quote that I came up with which is ''no sky, no earth. yet still, wonderland''. The word wonderland makes me think of a place where anything is possible, somewhere full of mysteries, and that's exactly the feeling I want to bring out. On the second page I added a piece of dried lavender and on the third page, the writing begins! I also typed out a few of my poems already and I can actually share some if you'd guys like to see that. Just comment below for me :)

// Shop the journal here. Similar one here. \\

Love, Christie x


  1. This is such a pretty notebook, it reminds me of something from Harry Potter!
    Liv xx

    1. Thank you Liv! Indeed it does! xx

  2. Such a pretty notebook! I have so many notebooks for writing down pretty much everything.
    A Sparkle Of Grace

  3. Love the notebook!!