Saturday, 14 January 2017

Into the Wild

This week I had the loveliest opportunity to be able to customize my little space with something incredibly unique, and that I'm in complete love with, all thanks to PIXERS. I've always had a blank wall behind my bed that I wanted to fill, but I never knew what with, until I came across PIXERStick. It allowed me to unleash my creativity with its simple peel&stick application that matches any surface. You can probably imagine my excitement to play around with all the fun possibilities of where to place the stickers!

PIXERStick doesn't harm the wall, desk or surface you choose and doesn't loose its stickiness after peeling it off and putting it elsewhere. Believe me, I've stuck mine around five different places and had a hard time choosing which one to leave it at since it looked amazing everywhere #noshame haha. It's super easy and quick to apply too and the texture and quality of the print is beyond words, I'm seriously so in love.

 Nature is something so stunning and magical to me and I'm in utter bliss now that I can have a little piece of it in my room with the Lake print. It makes everything feel so dreamy and inspiring and fills me with happiness when I wake up in the morning to such a surreal landscape. It's truly the best feeling.

Both other prints are just as wonderful and make a lovely fit for any spare corner or nook that you want to personalize. I added the Dream print behind my door and the Wild Side print to the wall next to my macrame. All prints definitely shaped my interior perfectly and made it so refreshing. I'll probably just be a little weird and spend hours admiring them haha :)

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  1. OMG! This is amazing, I've always wondered where people get big prints from for bedrooms.
    Thanks for sharing, you've really made a beautiful space.

    Starlight & Stitches