Monday, 24 October 2016

daisy bliss

Since I laid eyes on this gorgeous navy dress that you will see below I fell in love because it's such a versatile piece that goes from autumn to spring and perfect for a daily basis. The print is really cute and super easy to work with. Add a few bohemian jewelry pieces, a pair of classic booties and a leather jacket or a hat and you're good to go. Today was really hot so I styled it for warm weather but you can easily add a pair of tights and a jacket if it's chilly.

Friday, 14 October 2016

a camel stripe

The spring air is thicker than ever over on this side of the world and the hot weather slowly starts to creep itself upon us, making it practically impossible to wear anything other than a short sleeved top and a skirt or shorts. Trust me, it's not even summer and it's already 28 degrees Celsius (odds are I'm probably going to melt by summer). Luckily stripes are always in and fit for any occasion and a camel skirt is a classic staple. I complemented the look with a few accessories and a pair of beloved white converse, giving the preppy-ness a slightly sport-ish twist. If I were wearing this look for autumn, I'd swap the trainers for a pair of black boots and add a trench coat and I just can't tell you how much I wish it were autumn because it's simply my favorite season ahh!

Saturday, 20 August 2016

a glimmer in your skin


Seasons are changing and so are our playlists, most to a more indie or folk beat and others towards a calmer, relaxing sound. I love that, indie is my absolute favorite and I practically listen to it all year round. But just recently I've been having a passion for 'beachy' pop/electronic songs that make you want to jump and dance your heart out. Is that an acceptable description? Haha. I've been blasting them non-stop and my parents are probably worried by now, thinking I want to open a night-club.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

My own wonderland

Ever since I was a little girl, books have always been my escape-door, my entrance to a very own wonderland. I remember how I used to invade my mum's shower just to discuss with her my latest read, or to tell her the way it made me feel. And although time has passed, my passion hasn't. We still discuss our books and share them once in a while. And that's what brings me to this post...since I love reading new books and emerging myself in new story-lines, I thought why not share with you guys my current 'wishlist' and if any of you have already read any of the books or have a cool recommendation, please comment below :) p.s - you'll see i'm a sucker for classics hehe ☺️

Saturday, 23 April 2016

A Little Trip to Two Hands in NYC

It’s been a while since I’ve last been there, but it’s definitively a place hard to forget, filled with buzzing noises and great interior design. Quite obviously, the first things that I noticed when I entered the place were the unique, yet beautiful clouds hanging from the ceiling and the messy-looking vintage brick walls.

It was bigger than expected and as it was only 4pm it wasn’t that busy either, leaving a few tables available. Me and my friend sat down and a friendly waitress came to greet us and hand the menus. The prices are reasonable depending on your order, not exactly cheap but also not too expensive. We both made our order upon the various options of snacks and beverages, me having an Acai bowl and a latte and my friend having a butter croissant and a cappuccino. A quick note if you're vegan, they have the option of adding almond milk to your coffee for an additional $0.50 instead of normal milk.

Meanwhile, we just chatted and enjoyed the hipsterish-vibe environment and also the mixture of locals and tourists, and plenty of people Instagramming their pictures away. Neither did we resist, we had to at least take a couple of snaps for memories right?! Our order arrived soon and it literally looked as good as it tasted. The coffee was presented with art in a heart shape and tasted delicious (well, they are known for amazing coffee!); the Acai bowl definitely fueled me up on energy, also being very nutritious. For me, the portion was just right although I’ve heard people complaining about the small size. Both the latte and the bowl cost around $14. Overall, I had a great experience and would really recommend! I’d also just like to point out that there are a few people who complain about the service, prices, and the fact that it’s so crowded on certain days but honestly I was lucky to not have had any of those problems yet it can vary so just watch out! Hope you have a lovely time if you visit and make sure to snap a few photos too.

Christie Xx

Monday, 4 April 2016

Sunset & Rosé Wine

Well...not really..but I wish hehe! I'll get there one day though :) sunsets are one of the things that constantly amaze me, it has such a unique beauty and especially when seen at the beach; it's one of the most peaceful moments there is to appreciate. It'd honestly be a dream to be able to see such a nature-masterpiece every day whilst going on long walks and burying your feet in the misty sand...