Into the Wild

Monday, 13 February 2017

This week I had the loveliest opportunity to be able to customize my little space with something incredibly unique, and that I'm in complete love with, all thanks to PIXERS. I've always had a blank space behind my bed that I wanted to fill, but I never knew what with, until I came across PIXERStick. It allowed me to unleash my creativity with its simple peel&stick application that matches any surface. You can probably imagine my excitement to play around with all the fun possibilities of where to place the stickers!

PIXERStick doesn't harm the wall, desk or surface you choose and doesn't loose its stickiness after peeling it off and putting it elsewhere. Believe me, I've stuck mine around five different places and had a hard time choosing which one to leave it at since it looked amazing everywhere #noshame haha. It's super easy and quick to apply too and the texture and quality of the print is beyond words, I'm seriously so in love.

Turquoise Treasure

Saturday, 14 January 2017


This is one of my firsts posts of the year and I'm super happy that it's about two incredible pieces of jewelry that I've been gifted from Black Orquid. I was (and am) over the moon when I opened the small bag and found such a gorgeous ring & ear cuff. Both items are made of sterling silver in high quality.

The Angela ring has the most beautiful and magical turquoise stone, which is one of my favorites. It grants protection, helps healing and promotes inner balance. It's also the perfect touch to an outfit and gives off an epic gypsy-bohemian vibe (and that wins my heart)!
The Billie cuff is an amazing way to spice up your ear game and make it super cool and fun. I recently got a second earring (it actually didn't hurt!) and I can't wait to get a third (!!) so adding a cuff is the perfect way to finish off.

Gossip Girl

Saturday morning and me and my dad were off to shoot a style post (thanks dad!) since I haven't done one in a while. I recently finished watching all six seasons of Gossip Girl and felt so inspired by all the amazing clothing they have that I wanted to do a modern & affordable take on Blair's style. I know she's one for colors and patterns but I couldn't help and give it a little bit of my touch too. The look I put together is one of those classics that will fit any social occasion. It's a bit more dressy and taking after Blair, I had to wear heels. I literally wear Converse every day (trainer girl what can I say) but once in a while, it's nice to swap. It's also fitting for a warmer climate but if you're facing the cold seasons you can add a gray sweater, a belt & a long camel coat.

20 tips for a happier life

I was talking to my friend earlier today and I had one of those moments where something just clicks in your mind and you get a little idea so I had to write a post discussing it! It's a bit different from what I usually post (let me know if you like it) and I want to share with you guys a few tips and hacks I've learned throughout life and certain situations. That sounds deep hehe but I promise they're super easy and simple and will improve your day a ton! And I'm aware this is very cheesy and cliché haha but let's get into the tips!

Little City Love

Monday, 21 November 2016

Hello! Today I want to show you guys the nicest little cards I got from Little City Love. I received four cards, each one with its uniqueness and quote but all incredibly pretty. All cards come with a matching envelope and are made of 100% recycled material.

Whilst for most people it's but first, coffee for me it's more of but first, tea so you can probably guess that as soon as I saw this card I practically turned into that emoji with hearts in his eyes (is that how you describe it? Haha). Honestly, you can never go wrong with tea! It's like taking a shower on the inside.

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